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Star Batteries is involved in the battery manufacturing industry for over 35 years with quality, reliability & the highest performance in the market. Explore the company profile.

Star Batteries is in the business of manufacturing various types of Batteries since the year 1994 and has its prime manufacturing facility in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. As a company, Star Batteries is nearing 3 decades, and the team has more than 35 years of experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of Batteries, which includes a detailed understanding of the various applications to which products of Star Batteries cater to Automotive, Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture and select OEM applications.

These varied applications have resulted in strong expertise for Star to tailor the production process including selection of appropriate material for construction, establishing relevant Quality Control procedures, and equipping the latest manufacturing, test facilities to produce premium quality batteries. Our organization is fully furnished with technically sound equipment and other obligatory facilities. At Star Batteries, upgrading the infrastructure keeping pace with technological advancements, and upskilling human resources to meet the rising needs of the market are consistently followed, and hence the products of Star Batteries are of reliable performances and are durable.

Our Vision

To create a better life for people by providing best batteries that aid uninterrupted workflow.’

Our Guarantee

Star Batteries guarantees long-life and reliable batteries in various applications to which we cater when our batteries are used in specified conditions. We offer our expertise to select appropriate solutions for desired applications.

Our Values

Star Batteries is committed to supplying the best batteries in the market. We are focused on consumer requirements, R&D, and structured manufacturing.

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14A, Tagore Road, Ramakrishnapuram, Ganapathy, Coimbatore 641006         
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Registered Office

14A, Tagore Road, Ramakrishnapuram, Ganapathy, Coimbatore 641006 Tel : 0422-4384111

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