Battery Tips

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Maintenance Tips

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Keep your battery Clean

Battery acid, dirt and dust have all been known to cause leakage currents that make a battery discharge itself and become unbalanced. A clean battery is essential.

Check Regularly

Be sure to inspect your vehicle’s electrical system regularly, especially the regulator voltage setting.

Check Clamp

Make sure that the battery is firmly secured to the cradle and the cable clamps and leadwire contact is proper.

Service Regularly

Get your battery serviced regularly from your nearest battery store.

Have distilled water nearby

Never fill a battery with normal water. It will damage your battery. You need to use distilled water always

Battery water level

Check your battery water level with a level indicator.


Ensure these safety steps are followed to avoid injury

Always shield eyes when working with batteries, as sparks, acid splurge etc. may hurt the eyes.

When charging batteries, work in a well-ventilated area – never in closed spaces.

Always turn battery charger or ignition off before disconnecting a battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

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